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A Journey Into Linux

I am posting this from a 2015 MacBook Pro running the Linux distribution elementaryOS, and honestly, this is the most exciting experience of computer use that I can remember. This blog will share tips and suggestions for others interested in journeying into Linux.

Apple makes great hardware. Apple trackpads are simply unrivaled, and their laptops are solid and durable. However, macOS is locked-down and closed, and seems to be trending further to the locked-down model of iOS. If you don’t want to do things the Apple way, you are out of luck on macOS.

Fortunately, there is an alternative! Linux offers a highly customizable, free, open-source, and stable operating system alternative. And because Linux is lightweight, it can be a great way to revitalize older devices. And most importantly, some Linux distributions are simply beautiful and a joy to use:

My workstation: elementaryOS 6 on a 2015 MacBook Pro

Apple products that may work fine become unsupported by Apple, or they run slow and hot on the latest macOS version, and even some perfectly good hardware can have little or zero trade-in value. But this means that for a low price, you can have a nice Linux machine running on decent hardware. Reduce e-waste, use Linux, and save money all at the same time.

This blog will share experiences, tips, and guides on using Linux and transitioning from Windows and macOS. I am not a computer scientist or programmer, so I will not be using technical computer jargon – because I don’t know any. I just found such delight since starting to use Linux that I wanted to share what I learn to assist anyone else who wanted to make the journey.