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Pixel-perfect scrolling in Firefox browser

Firefox is a wonderful web browser, and it can be easily installed on flatpak-based operating systems like elementaryOS through Flathub. However, the default settings in Firefox from Flathub yield a choppy scrolling experience. Fortunately, there is a very easy fix that yields buttery smooth, high-precision scrolling. That fix is to enable xinput2… Read More »Pixel-perfect scrolling in Firefox browser

MacOS-like tweaks on elementary

The elementary OS team is very thoughtful about the default workflow, and so I would recommend new users to this operating system to try using the default settings before making too many tweaks. However, there are always some preferences that one will like to adjust, and especially for those coming from MacOS,… Read More »MacOS-like tweaks on elementary

Linux turns 30

30 years ago today, Linus Torvalds sent out an email announcing a new “hobby” project, a free operating system. This project is what turned into Linux, which today has the largest installed base of all general purpose operating systems (largely due to Android being based on the Linux kernel). Interestingly, while Linux… Read More »Linux turns 30