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Gaming on elementary OS

It is fairly easy to set up gaming on elementary OS. For games on Steam, you are just a few clicks away from playing after a fresh install of elementary. For games not available on Steam, Lutris is a popular game manager that has thousands of titles, and it can be installed… Read More »Gaming on elementary OS

Installing Software on elementary OS 6

The elementary OS AppCenter by default shows only curated apps that match the elementary OS style guidelines. There is an impressive suite of applications, ranging from small utilities to powerful software and fun word games. The Linux Experiment has a nice overview video of 17 amazing elementary apps available in AppCenter. But… Read More »Installing Software on elementary OS 6

A Journey Into Linux

I am posting this from a 2015 MacBook Pro running the Linux distribution elementaryOS, and honestly, this is the most exciting experience of computer use that I can remember. This blog will share tips and suggestions for others interested in journeying into Linux. Apple makes great hardware. Apple trackpads are simply unrivaled,… Read More »A Journey Into Linux